Du Val Foundation New Zealand

Ben & Richard are getting INKED

Bid in the silent auction and you can choose the tattoo!

Ben and Richard are putting their bodies on the line with a TATTOO of your choice.

They’ve each reserve a post-it note sized area on one of their legs, and they’re looking for the two highest bidders to pick the designs! Oh, and did we mention it’s Ben’s FIRST TATTOO? It’s Ben’s first tattoo.

So what will it be? The Du Val logo? Your business’s logo? A picture of our CEO’s face? The choice is yours!

To support the silent auction, select Ben & Richard in the donation form below and place your bid!

Stay up date on the current bid via our Facebook and Instagram pages.
Du Val Foundation
Winners will be contacted directly on 5 November, 2020 and we’ll announce the designs once they’re
finalised! Designs must be tasteful and must not be offensive.